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The application of digital watermark anti-counterfeiting technology in the banking system (Part 2)

on January 16, 2003, our company's digital watermark embedding, extraction and detection technology obtained the acceptance notice of national invention patent, acceptance number: 0。

on January 27th, 2003, our company's digital watermark embedding The extraction and detection technology has passed the Sichuan provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal (JZ [2003] No. 12). The appraisal opinion is:

"The project has successfully developed the software for embedding, detecting and extracting digital watermarking through the theoretical research of digital watermarking technology, the overall design of the system, as well as the application in multimedia and the development of demonstration system.

this achievement has successfully applied the digital watermarking technology to the anti-counterfeiting encryption and information hiding of printed matter, and the extraction of digital watermarking information is accurate and reliable.

this achievement is applied to the protection of intellectual property rights of digital products and the concealment of identification , information security and other aspects have broad application prospects

the appraisal committee agreed that this achievement has successfully realized the embedding, detection and extraction technology of digital watermarking in printed matter, the application of digital watermarking in printing is at the leading level in China, and the watermark information extraction technology has reached the international advanced level. "

on february25,2003, it was registered as a special product for computer information system security by Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department and licensed for production, sales and use. Registration No.: no:

on June 26, 2003, the company was granted the "approval certificate" No. 03002 by Sichuan social public thermosetting resin management office, which accounted for the highest proportion in the composite material market

up to now, there are a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies based on printed matter at home and abroad. The common ones are physical watermark anti-counterfeiting, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, ink anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting paper, code anti-counterfeiting, code texture anti-counterfeiting, etc. but the above-mentioned anti-counterfeiting technologies are either low in science and technology, or simple in technical means, or the equipment and raw materials are easily available in the market, or are easy to be broken and counterfeited, Or it has poor compatibility and mutual influence with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, which greatly reduces the anti-counterfeiting effect. The above anti-counterfeiting technology needs to increase the investment in fixed assets, or increase the production cost, or change its original production process and process, and the application conditions are very harsh. The birth of printing digital watermarking technology undoubtedly provides a strong technical support for the effective solution of the above problems

the main technical characteristics of printing digital watermarking

imperceptibility - multimedia information does not change its perceptual effect after being added to the watermark, and the watermark will not be felt under normal perceptual conditions

robustness refers to that the watermark information in multimedia can resist various damages in the application process, such as digital signal processing technology, including cropping, noise, filtering and lossy compression

security - the digital watermarking system uses one or more keys to ensure security and prevent watermark modification and erasure. The information is hidden in the multimedia content and will not be lost due to file format conversion, and unauthorized persons cannot detect the watermark

self similarity - after the original image is greatly damaged, the digital watermark can still recover the hidden watermark from the original data, and the original image is not required in the recovery process, which requires that the watermark algorithm itself has self similarity

machine readable - the detection method is machine readable, and special instruments can be used Sorting out the experimental machine: first of all, turn off the coherent power detection of the experimental machine, or cooperate with the support of the database and network authentication

confidentiality as required - the organic combination of digital watermarking and cryptography can play a role of double encryption to the data

user oriented - the digital watermarking system can be designed according to the needs of users, that is, a user oriented customized system

printing digital watermarking technology has the ability of anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection. Its main uses include: anti-counterfeiting of various invoices, cheques and securities; Anti counterfeiting of product trademark and inner and outer packaging; Copyright protection and tracking of digital media; Identification hiding, source authentication and hierarchical control of multimedia information; Confidential communication, anti counterfeiting, anti tampering, anti repudiation, anti copy, etc. in e-government and e-commerce

main advantages of digital watermarking technology for printing

the anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection of digital watermarking technology applied to printed matter have advantages that can not be replaced by other technologies, which are mainly manifested in:

technology exclusivity digital watermarking has high technical content, and its technology is difficult to grasp. At present, only Chengdu Yufei company has independent intellectual property rights, commercialized and industrialized application technology products

the anti-counterfeiting cost is low. Without increasing the fixed investment and special materials, increasing the printing cost and changing the production process, users can improve their existing packaging and design to a highly confidential design, and easily realize the latest high-tech anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection

fast technology upgrade. According to the product characteristics, a set of special software is customized for each set of products. It is very convenient to update, change and upgrade anti-counterfeiting information

after the watermark is added to the protected carrier of the supply chain authentication, the authentication can be carried out on the nodes of the supply chain to identify whether it is a copy of the original, so as to prevent counterfeits from replacing genuine products in the logistics distribution process

good invisibility means that it cannot interfere with the normal use of protected media data. As an information hiding technology, digital watermarking can not only hide the content of information, but also hide the existence of information

strong robustness means that the watermark must be difficult to be destroyed or forged. For general signal processing or malicious attacks, the normal detection of watermark is not affected

the digital watermarking technology of hierarchical and decentralized management can add multi-layer confidentiality and anti-counterfeiting marks, and people with different authorities can only see different hidden contents. Private key and public key control detection can be combined with cryptography

strong technical compatibility, non-interference and mutual compatibility with other anti-counterfeiting, confidentiality and copyright protection technologies to improve anti-counterfeiting efficiency

the use of product value-added digital watermarking anti-counterfeiting technology can greatly enhance customers' trust in their products and enterprises, maintain the brand image of enterprises, and improve product reputation and added value

easy to distinguish and identify, easy to operate for detection and extraction

simple detection tool: a special detection tool developed by our company, with low production cost, can directly observe the printing digital watermark hidden in the media, and can be used for detection by consumers and supply chains

medium and high-grade detection and extraction equipment: the special detection and extraction equipment transformed by our company with digital cameras can be used for spot check by senior officials of enterprises and law enforcement by relevant departments. At the same time, it can also be used as an ordinary camera

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