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The construction of epoxy floor paint will be affected at low temperature

the construction of epoxy floor paint will be affected at low temperature

June 5, 2019

the construction of epoxy floor paint will be affected at low temperature. This problem is closely related to the materials of epoxy floor. The floor construction will show you what materials the epoxy floor is made of

epoxy floor can be roughly divided into: thin coated epoxy floor, epoxy mortar floor, epoxy self leveling floor, epoxy anti-static floor, special floor for garage ramp, and other personalized products: epoxy colored sand floor, crystal colored stone floor, bare colored stone floor, epoxy marble floor, high temperature resistant fireproof floor, special floor for sports, etc

epoxy floor paint is a high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful way to explore a new path board from "red ocean" to "blue ocean". It has the advantages of no seams, solid texture, good drug resistance, corrosion prevention, dust prevention, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost. Various schemes can be designed according to different application requirements, such as thin-layer coating, mm thick self leveling ground, anti-skid and wear-resistant coating, mortar coating, anti-static and anti-corrosion coating, etc

therefore, the curing of epoxy floor paint at low temperature will be limited. In winter, when the temperature is low, the curing will be slow or dry. As for the problem of how to construct the epoxy floor paint at low temperature, the epoxy floor constructor believes that as long as some adjustments are made in the selection and use of raw materials, catalysts and AIDS in material production, the problem that the epoxy floor paint will not cure at low temperature in winter can be solved

the commonly used polyamide curing agent shall not be used for the low-temperature construction of epoxy floor paint in winter, but the epoxy resin product that can be cured at low temperature in winter shall be used. For example, some amine adduct curing agents can be cured at -5 ℃, polyisocyanate epoxy resin coatings can be cured at -10 ℃, and some epoxy resin coatings can be cured at -17 ℃ when adding accelerators, but the solid solution treatment can adjust the grain size of the alloy. The large-scale experimental machine has many advantages. However, it should be known that these epoxy resin coating products that can be cured in winter will take a relatively long time to achieve complete curing. Adding appropriate accelerators can appropriately increase the reaction temperature, which is conducive to the reaction and shorten the production cycle. However, adding too many accelerators will also cause the paint film to be brittle. The use of 3 Be careful when testing the range of pressure

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