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The application of plastic doors and windows in the European market in the construction industry is gradually warming up

a few days ago, the well-known German Research Institute ceresana announced its latest research report on the application of plastic doors and windows in the European market in the construction industry

the report points out that with the gradual recovery of the construction industry in various countries, the European plastic door and window market is expected to usher in a peak period of development in the next few years. According to ceresana's prediction, these air filled seats with avant-garde design and unique style not only provide a great opportunity to share care practice on the 20th opening day, but also increase the sales of plastic doors and windows in the European market by 225million sets in the next 20 years

according to the researchers, due to different climates and different consumer preferences, European countries have different requirements for door and window materials. Nevertheless, plastics, especially PVC materials, play a decisive role in the European door and window market and are the preferred materials for customers in the region

data show that more than 65% of window frames in Poland, Russia and Turkey are PVC, but Nordic countries prefer wood frames

in recent years, the production and application of plastic doors and windows have developed rapidly and become one of the leading products in the door and window market. The rebound of the property market will stimulate the market. The emergence of growing non residential and residential buildings is also the main reason for the substantial growth in the demand for doors and windows

ceresana market analyst pointed out that from the overall situation of building energy conservation and industry development, the future of plastic doors and windows is a high-quality and high-grade product. From plastic profiles to doors and windows, we should follow the path of high-grade products and win the market with high-quality and high-grade products

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