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2018 has arrived, and many enterprises have started planning for the new year. During this year, some new enterprises adhered to the city regulations and closed down due to failure and bankruptcy; Some enterprises are booming; In this highly competitive market, if you don't pay attention, you may be caught up by other enterprises or surpassed by other enterprises; Enterprises should keep pace with the times and achieve better development in the new year through innovative development

then, which door and window enterprises will die in 2018

first: door and window enterprises with old thinking and adhering to urban regulations

the times are changing now. There are more and more sales channels in the door and window industry, which cannot follow the previous way. The rise of the network also brings great development opportunities to door and window enterprises. Some enterprises rise in it, and some enterprises fail to adapt to the development of the times. Now the boss's thinking is to only defend but not attack, only seek stability, not development. The key is that the boss is dictatorial and does not listen to others' opinions. So stubborn and conservative, sooner or later will be eliminated, really a good hand, and finally be beaten

second: Nonstandard door and window enterprises

some enterprises do not follow national standards, and employees take up their posts without formal training; The enterprise has no professional management system, resulting in no guarantee in the production process, the employees are not united, and the factory is in a mess; There is also the lack of environmental protection. As we all know, the whole society is paying attention to environmental protection. The relevant departments have carried out very strict inspections, and many enterprises have closed down because of this problem. Therefore, the gate factory with non-standard production is like walking on the tip of a knife, which is very dangerous

fourth: blind expansion of door and window enterprises

blind expansion of factory buildings. Some door enterprise bosses look at the good market this year, spend a lot of money on equipment, land and recruitment, waiting for a big fight next year. Without careful market research, think about it carefully. If the business next year is not so good, how about labor costs, material costs, plant operating costs, etc? So the door market will not be so crazy in the second half of next year. If you don't believe it, you can have a look

fifth: do not pay attention to brand marketing

it used to be "the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", but now it is "the fragrance of wine should also be shouted". No matter how good your product is, the dealer doesn't know it, and the consumer doesn't know it, then you're worthless! Therefore, in recent years, big brands are advertising, and second and third tier brands are also advertising. They all want to seize market share. Only with good product quality and no attention to marketing, it is difficult to open the market. Only with the joint progress of quality and marketing can we achieve better results

sixth: don't pay attention to dealers and services

some business owners think their current business is good, so they are bullish. Don't care about the dealer, and don't pay attention to service. Once there is a problem with the product, ignore it and let it survive. What's more, there are many customers in the market. Why not die oneortwo? It's not bright in the East and bright in the West. Redevelop and make money. Such a door owner may be able to survive now, but such a bad reputation will become notorious sooner or later. Even if you want to change a brand in the future, if you still want to change the soup without changing the medicine, you will not be able to do it, and you will die quickly

therefore, we need to break the city regulations, learn new management and operation methods, and constantly absorb the knowledge of the new era, so as to better adapt to the development of the times, grasp the pace of the times, and let enterprises go in the front of the industry


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