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Decoration is not a small expenditure. How to achieve the desired effect in the limited budget is the goal we have been pursuing. Our “ Save money ” Instead of reducing quality and effect, follow “ Key parts cannot be saved, and non key parts can be saved ” The purpose of

if you can save non key parts, you have to save

owner's experience: in my concept, the roof always needs ceiling. After communicating with the designer, I found that it doesn't matter if you don't use the ceiling, and you can save materials. Why not

editor's comments: Although the ceiling looks good, it takes a lot of materials, such as keel, gypsum board, etc. In fact, the roof of the home doesn't need to be very fancy, and people generally don't pay much attention to it. No, the cost of ceiling is zero, which is more cost-effective than ceiling

make good use of space, save money and be practical

owner's experience: my bathroom is relatively small, which is not suitable for that kind of overall shower room. We used the original wall and customized special glass in the rest to form a shower room. This not only makes rational use of space, but also increases the shower place

editor's comments: now shower rooms are purchased as a whole, and the price is relatively expensive. Some brands generally cost more than 2000, which is not applicable to all room types. If the size is different from the standard, an additional fee is required. The customized special glass is generally about 6-700 yuan per square meter, which not only meets their own needs, but also saves costs

clever use of pasted paintings also makes the effect brilliant

owner's experience: tiles with the same color on one side feel a little monotonous, but if you buy Tiles, you feel a little expensive. Later, a transparent paste painting was found in the market. As long as water is used, the pattern can be pasted on the ceramic tile. And if you don't like it after a period of time, you can replace it by yourself. The process is simple and selective

Xiaobian comments: Although the tiles look good, they are expensive, much more expensive than ordinary tiles, at least more than ten yuan per piece. A transparent decal is only about 5 yuan. You can choose your favorite pattern to stick it. The process is simple, and it is very worthy of praise





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