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Autumn is coming, and half of 2016 has passed. Autumn is the golden season for decoration. What is the current decoration trend? What surprises and changes will the new round of decoration bring us? Look at the detailed 2016 autumn decoration trend forecast

the editor believes that the design style of 2104 will be divided into two parts by the current real estate market. The first part is just in need of owner decoration (the key target for the survival of decoration companies and guerrillas), and the second part is high-quality house changing customers with sufficient economy. This part is the parents of large decoration companies and high-end design. Then I will elaborate on the decoration style in the autumn of 2014 for these two parts, just for my personal point of view

first, the rigid demand of small apartment owners

in the face of high house prices, many customers choose to buy small apartment types. The overall design trend of this part in the autumn of 2014 is summarized as follows: in addition to personalized European and American style, Mediterranean style and pastoral style, most of them are modern and simple style, and the focus of design is on space utilization and fashion

the following is an example of space utilization:

tatami design expands the space utilization rate

tatami is always practical, has a strong storage capacity, and can be lifted and lowered, realizing the design of indoor multi-function. It will be popularized gradually

partition design “ Lattice ” The continuous most stylish

partition is commonly used in home furnishings, and in this complete collection of 2014 decoration effect drawings, transparent wall windows and virtual and real partition cabinets will greatly increase the lighting and atmosphere of the house, make up for the small space sense of small houses, and make the two spaces separated and continuous, and integrate with each other




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